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Frederick Douglass (large view)
Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass is the first of 29 Great Black People I will paint during Black History Month! Each piece will be auctioned and 25% of the proceeds will purchase art supplies for blossoming young artists. Each original piece will be about 16x20 in size. I work at KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta. I've been teaching art there for 5 years now, and my former students are beginning to go to college. I started to wonder if they had what they needed to practice their craft. Animation majors may need computer equipment, and Fine Art majors may need oil paints. I want to know that I helped them like I was helped when I was younger. So in addition to honoring great ancestors', this painting event will help students in need, to keep them on the road to success! This piece is up for auction NOW! The starting bid is only $50. to bid on this piece click here:
20"H x 16"W